YULCHON is a specialized manufacturer of Cold-Drawn Carbon Steel Tubes (DOM Tube) for steering columns, rack and pinion steering gears, propeller shafts, gas cylinders, gas springs, hydraulic cylinders, shock absorbers, bush in the automotive industry and shaped tubes in the furniture and construction industry. Since its founding in 1986, we have made steady efforts in technology development and product quality improvement. As a result, we currently export products to USA, Mexico, Australia, Europe, South-East Asia, China, Japan, the Middle East and are expanding to markets in the rest of the world. We established YULCHON MEXICO in 2014 for customers in the U.S and Latin American markets to help them minimize on costs resulting in consistent quality, on-time delivery and competitive prices. Now you can take advantage of our geographic position in the world. We always try to meet customers’ expectations and our aim is to be the best DOM manufacturer in the world.

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