Vigorplus is a company that develops, designs, and does branding on parts of motorcycles and scooters/mopeds. Taiwan is the base of marketing and designing to Vigorplus. Through a great sensation GOGORO causes in the world, we present our brand and products to show the substantial differences and increase the competitiveness in the market, focusing on the middle and high spending consumers. Besides that, Vigorplus also plans to work on other types of motorcycles and the electronic device in the automotive industry through ODM and hopes to become the most influential accessories design company on motorcycles. We believe that when there are needs from consumers, there are products from us presented to them. With a combination of branding design, industrial design, quality of products, and the image of corporate identity, Vigorplus is able to compete in the global market. We aim at becoming one of the international iconic brands in the field of motorcycle accessories.

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