Tuico has been worked in rubber components and polyurethane for over half-century. We have provided oil seal, o-ring or other rubber gaskets for famous brands like BMW, FIAT, Honda, SYM,.. etc. For our worldwide customers, trustable production ability and rigorous production control are our best advantages. To present the best quality, we produce our products from mixing raw material, forming the product and quality check from time to time. Competitive price another good thing that working with extensive factory like us. For on-stop service, we can control every detail within our production process especially cost. We also mould ourselves for over 5000 moulds a year. It’s the reason that we could be a trusted supplier with our powerful production ability and flexible production process. As so far, we have three factories in Vietnam to serve our honourable customers.

-1,000 workers

-95% exports to USA, Europe, Asia,..and 5% local Vietnam

-100% of tools are made in house

-Formulation design, ISO 17025 laboratory certified.

-ISO 9001:2015 and IATF holder.

-Compounding, mixing in-house

-Rubbers from Japan, French, USA, Germany, Taiwan, China,..

-100% on-time delivery, short lead time.

– Automatic/camera inspection machines

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