Hancheng Company

– Head Office: DC38-C13,14 Street D11, VSIP 1 Residential Area, An Phu Ward, Thuan An Town, Province
Binh Duong.
– Contact phone number; 02743662781, 0868039956.
– Email: hanchengservice28@gmail.com
As an established company with investment from Taiwan, we specialize in selling all kinds of CNC machines, lathes, grinders, milling machines …
Currently, some products are being offered by Hancheng Company: VTL22, VTL30, HARDINGE GX1000, KASUGA V100X ….
In addition, our company sells components used in industrial machines, sells genuine Taiwan, Japan … and Provides services: Warranty – Maintenance, replacement of components Products.
We have leading experts from Taiwan and provide modern, standard machines. With a team of experienced machinery maintenance engineers, we are committed to installing and maintaining machines in the best way, to satisfy and improve the most economic efficiency for customers.
Please contact us when in need. We are happy to cooperate with your esteemed companies.
Thank you!

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