Luyen Luan Hung Co., Ltd. was established by Taiwan Gen– Tsang Company and China Jiaxing Hong Xiang Company in Vietnam in 2007. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing pistons and rings of motorcycles, the company is always committed to creating products with international quality standards (ISO,….). With the goal of becoming one of the leading famous companies, dominating the car parts distribution market. machine, we always set high criteria in the selection of raw materials, design and development of the latest product models to meet the most stringent requirements from customers. With the principle of operation “Quality” Quality is the best way to build a brand”. We are proud to be the main supplier for most of the distributors in the territory of Vietnam , especially we are the factory supplying goods for SYM .

In addition, our company always exports to countries such as: Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Peru, France, Thailand…..Come to us, you will find best satisfaction – A place worthy of your trust.

We have world level piston and piston ring production equipment and manufacture technolory. The company adops top quality raw materials, designs, develops. Also the company produces various oil rings, piston rings, expandex, spacer for different motorcycle, Now our main patters are R, T, P, A and integrated steel ring, etc, all of which are popular in the market.

Facing the hot market competition, we holld firmly the management concept quaility is the life is the of our enterprise. We will strive to do better and provide more new products to our cherished customers.


Address : Thanh Oai Industrial Cluster, Thanh Oai District, Hanoi City

Phone: 0243.3972.391



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