Facial Enterprise Co., Ltd.

FACIAL was founded in Michael Zehe of Germany, in 1995. In the beginning, we did OEM for major brands like automotive lubricants, transmission oil, fuel additives, chemical products (OEM, ODM) as the main business. Until 1996, President Mr. Michael innovative design, and it created a FACIAL range of products and FACIAL brand marketing world.

At present, our product range covers a variety, from engine oils, transmission oils, brake fluids, power steering oils, coolants, car care products, to industrial oils, gear oils, cutting oils, hydraulic oils, covered the vehicle and machinery used oil, etc.

With the increasing oils price and the car owners who are suffering from carbon deposit and sludge, FACIAL founded a brand, G2000, which promote a series of ultra-strength additives that could be used in engine oils, petrol and diesel fuels, transmission oils and coolants. With our additive products that can achieve fuel saving, sludge & carbon deposit reduction, high-performance operation and eco-friendliness.

FACIAL products are checked and tested continuously in our most modern equipped laboratory and real-time testing to determine quality without fear after officially listed, the quality definitely withstands the test.

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