Euroiltec Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The scope of Euroiltec’s business: blending and manufacturing of lubricants, foundry filling of lubricating oils, testing of oil products, promotion and sales of machine tools for environmentally-friendly patent oil changes, and manufacture of CASOKU lubricants.

Euroiltec is a blending and foundry manufacturer of speciality lubricants and a foundry of qualified lubricants for Formosa Petrochemical Corporation. The Euroiltec service partners include world-renowned brands such as Formos, Castrol, BP, 3M, etc., and the original oils for major cars and locomotives. Furthermore, Eurolitetec has the “BP Global Lubricants Technology Interlab Participation Number 42” from BP’s international laboratory. With precision instruments and equipment, raw material oil and oil products are tested to provide the best after-sales service and professional oil analysis.

Euroiltec always adheres to the rigorous international ISO standard operating procedures, continues to operate steadily, improve and innovate, and is committed to various market needs and tests. Euroiltec specializes in professional production equipment and technology to provide advantages such as better quality, lower cost to enhance industrial competitiveness, and vow to become the best brand in Taiwan for lubricants OEM production. Starting from Taiwan, looking at the international market is an indicator of Eurolitetec.

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