Chun Huang Plastic Enterprise Co. Ltd

Chun Huang Plastic Enterprise Co. Ltd. a family owned business, was established in 1989 by our founder Wei-Pang Lin, lead with group of talent people working together, inherited from Taiwanese and Japanese joint venture manufacturing technology, plus continuous new developments, we have introduced all types of PVC extrusion seals/profiles for Auto Accessories, Interior materials and Kitchen appliance.  Our products are including weatherstrip seals of windows, doors, trunk; door edge moulding and step shield for cars.  Also all different kind of seals for wall, floor, window, kitchen appliance and cabinet.

With increasing consumer demand for “green” products, we have developed several items by using TPV or TPE (Thermoplastic vulcanizate, thermoplastic elastomer), the raw material with advantages of plastic and rubber combined together, can be easily recycled and reuse into production is another add-on value. To protect the environment from reducing waste is an important  responsibility for a manufacturer in the plastic industry, therefore, we are putting efforts on engineering this area going forward, more items are coming up soon.

Over 30 years in the business, our missions, are – setting very high standard on product quality, pursuing innovative & cutting-edge technology and sustain our integrity always.   We have volumes of custom-made products by request, sincerely look forward to working with you and growing our future business together.

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