The 2nd Press Release of Autotech & Accessories 2021 (Phase 1)

Hanoi, May 18, 2021 – According to the Official Letter No. 1431/UBND-VX dated May 7, 2021 of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City on strengthening the implementation of measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City, the Organizer of Autotech & Accessories 2021 decided to held the virtual exhibition only from May 20 to 23, 2021 on websites and

With the desire to support businesses to maintain regular and continuous partner contact and promote business cooperation opportunities during the epidemic prevention and control period, the Organizer of Autotech & Accessories 2021 has made great efforts of digital transformation of traditional exhibition models, pioneering in building an online exhibition platform, applying modern technologies in website building such as 3D simulation, 360 view, VR Tour to bring customers the best experiences. The application of modern technology does not mean that it will be more complicated in operation, the online exhibition has simplified the operation of using the website, making it possible for all customers to access and experience in a simple way.

To address concerns that online exhibitions may reduce customer interaction with products and services, Autotech & Accessories 2021 applies multimedia in displaying exhibitor and product information such as text, video, 2D, 3D images, VR Tour, etc., besides, allowing exhibitors to be displayed in both forms: virtual booth and e-commerce booth. This investment promises to bring visitors the most authentic and intuitive feelings about the exhibition space, factory space, as well as easy access to and learn about the exhibitor’s products and services. Now, with a simple visit to the website and registration, customers can attend the exhibition anytime, anywhere, on any smart device. The Organizer is rushing to complete the final preparations to bring the most effective exhibition season for exhibitors and visitors.

Four days of the virtual Autotech & Accessories 2021 (May 20 – May 23, 2021) opens up a favorable opportunity to connect directly and easily between reputable enterprises in Cars, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles, Automation and Supporting Industries from Vietnam and businesses from many countries around the world such as Korea, Taiwan, China, etc. This helps exhibitors and visitors expand their ability to find new suppliers and establish long-term strategic partnerships. Exhibitors bring to the exhibition high-quality products and breakthrough solutions and initiatives to improve labor efficiency and create a civilized society in spare parts and components, automation, electric vehicles, environmentally friendly energy, technology solutions to help reduce car weight, fuel cleaning technology, combustion chamber… Autotech & Accessories 2021 wishes to become a practical and useful bridge between businesses, is a companion for businesses in the current difficult context of all direct commercial transactions.

The 17th International Autotech & Accessories Show 2021 (Autotech & Accessories 2021) is organized by Asia Trade Fair & Business Promotion JSC (ATFA). Information about Autotech & Accessories 2021 will be continuously updated on 40 prestigious domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines as well as on website and fanpage

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