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  • Fireball is a leading company in the field of manufacturing high quality surface coating products for cars and motorcycles (especially in the luxury segment). With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, Fireball offers a diverse portfolio of surface coating products such as Ceramic & Graphene and Wax & Sealant coatings, to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Fireball’s standout products are ceramic coating products, specifically Dokdo, an advanced Ceramic coating product with up to 10 years of surface protection. With the technology of fusion chemical reaction to create a hard protective layer – Hard Shell, Dokdo is able to create a hard protective layer with high gloss, high durability that protects from external agents such as UV rays, asphalt. , bird droppings, salt and other dirt, protects from light feather scratches. Fireball Dokdo has great drainage and amazing lotus leaf effect! This helps keep your car looking like new and providing long-lasting protection.
  • Fireball offers professional training to become an expert in detailing to ensure that our products are executed professionally and efficiently. Fireball’s coatings are designed with a commitment to quality and performance to help protect your vehicle and keep it looking good for a long time.
  • Fireball is committed to customer satisfaction, providing high-quality coatings and ensuring that customers’ vehicles stay as good as new. Contact Fireball to experience their high quality coating products and get advice from experienced professionals.
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  • Address: LK 14/30, Tu Hiep Resettlement Area, Thanh Tri, Hanoi, Vietnam

1- Strategic display products at the Exhibition:

Fireball’s ceramic coating kit is the highest hardness product on the market 9H+ – 10H, with the highest SiO2 ceramic content on the market (SiO2 content up to 92%) – with a combination of up to 6 materials raw Si&SiO2 and durability up to 10 years, making it one of the most durable Ceramic coatings globally. Different Ceramic SiO2 blends produce coatings with distinct properties. These differences provide exceptional product-specific characteristics in different situations and environments including chemical, abrasive, dusty, humid and high temperature environments.

Fireball coating products feature SiO2 molecules with unique double bonds that create stronger covalent bonds for the strength, finish, clarity and depth of the coating surface. The double-bonded molecules also increase resistance to micro-scratches (small scratches, cat scratches). The covalent bond of silicon dioxide has a full outer shell structure and can further bond with other silicon atoms, forming an extremely protective covalent structure.

In addition, in the composition of Fireball’s Ceramic coating products, there is also Titanium. Titanium provides extreme protection against harmful UV rays for all ceramic coated surfaces. As one of the best corrosion resistant materials on Earth, titanium provides extra protection against wear, micro scratches and impacts. It also protects the customer’s investment by decomposing pollutants such as harmful dust or pollen over the long term. Titanium plays a very important role in the optical transparency of the colors and pigments of the surfaces beneath the coating.

2- Featured technology the company wants to introduce at the Exhibition:


The SiO2 molecules in the Fireball coating are connected by a proprietary double bond, creating an all-round coating, perfect finish and increased clarity and depth of the paint surface. This double bond also provides increased micro-scratch resistance and self-healing through the use of a heat gun (if needed). With SiO2 dual bond technology, the Fireball coating provides maximum protection to painted surfaces and ensures long-term durability.


Fireball uses the element Titanium (Titanium) in all of its ceramic coatings to ensure maximum protection for painted surfaces. Titanium provides resistance to vehicle surface-damaging UV rays and reinforces the coating for protection from microscopic scratches and abrasions. In addition, Titanium also helps break the bonds of dirt and adhesion on the vehicle surface, making the cleaning process easier. Fireball uses the highest grade Titanium on the market, ensuring effective protection and longevity for the vehicle’s paint surface.


Fireball’s coating is known to be the most outstanding and distinctive on the market thanks to the hard shell fusion technology – Hard Shell. Immediately after being applied to the painted surface, the coating undergoes a series of chemical reactions, creating a hard protective layer with high gloss and durability. Initially, the coating will be evenly applied to the thoroughly cleaned surface, creating adhesion. The compound in the mantle then begins to self-equilibrate and a chemical reaction occurs, changing the crust from a liquid to a solid state. The result is a protective layer of paint with excellent gloss, high water repellency and a beautiful lotus leaf effect. With Hard Shell technology, Fireball guarantees maximum protection for your vehicle’s paintwork and long-lasting durability!


With the ceramic coating product line, Fireball is confident to be the best supplier of ceramic coating technology and solutions on the market today with SiO2 content up to 92%. Hardness up to 9H+ (Aegis, Devil’s Blood, Silla, Butterfly, Dokdok+) and 10H (Butterfly Graphene), providing durability up to 10 years. However, Fireball’s price is very reasonable for the Vietnamese market, so we are confident to be the most modern and advanced ceramic coating solution provider globally!

In addition, Fireball’s polishing wax is also the world’s highest pure T1 Carnauba wax product with a T1 Carnauba content of up to 50% (the market’s polishing wax products are only available from 3 -15% pure T1 Carnauba content). This makes the wax layer much more durable (6 months), glossy, drained and creates a high pet lotus leaf effect.

3- The main message of the Company at this exhibition:

The World’s Most Advanced Coating Sollution

4- Activities, prizes, special promotion policies at this year’s Exhibition:

Promotion policy: extremely high discount up to 35%.

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