Taiwan Mold & Die Industry Association

Taiwan’s mold and die industry gradually developed following the World War II. However, in 1960, the implementation of Taiwan government’s policy of Encouraging Investment led to the industry’s development. This had a critical impact on the development of technology-based industries and the expansion of private enterprise in the years ahead. The TMDIA became a founding member of the Federation of Asian Die and Mould Associations (FADMA) in 1992 and has actively participated in all events to expand international exchanges and business opportunities. In September 1995, the FADMA Forum held in Taipei, also sponsored the 3rd International Mold and Die Industry Exhibition and conferences. William H. Chi, TMDIA’s former chairman, was elected chairman of FADMA in June 1997. In reviewing Taiwan’s economic achievements over the past decades, the mold and die industry’s contribution to the local manufacturing sector cannot be ignored. As Taiwan’s economy continues to liberalize and globalize, the association and all of the producers consider it a common responsibility to increase competitiveness and expand sales by utilizing their collective strength and government resources, and by implementing effective strategies to ally with major producers worldwide, spread market risk and develop precision products.

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