Since its establishment, Smart Design Technology has specialized in the design, R&D and manufacturing of GPS systems. We has entered the fields of automotive electronics, vehicle networking services and cloud services year by year to provide reliable product quality and complete functions of the Internet of Vehicles software and hardware. We actively understand the needs of customers and have customized manufacturing capabilities and production flexibility to meet the requirements for each customer.

As a member of the Hotai Motor Group, Smart Design Technology has actively invested in the research & development and design of vehicle OE(original equipment) certification. At this stage, in addition to the product certification on some vehicle products, it has also obtained the original TGA for vehicle networking products. We will continue to design new products and target to become a well-known brand in the field of vehicle product supplies and MaaS(mobility as a services).


Automotive Electronics Design / Could service & APP

Highlight Products: Health Product Air purifier & UVC+ ION/ FMS

Latest Highlight Product: SAAC-3000 UVC+ION -Air purifier 2 generation AAC-1000 ION Air purifier 1 generation (TGA Toyota In line product)

Highlight Products displayed at Autotech 2023: ION technology get design patten and can efficient kill bacteria 90%; UVC technology get lab approved can efficient kill corona virus

Slogan: Smart Design always thinking smart than you

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