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FreedConn integrates communication products,creates a new concept of “Freedom and Fashion”, and sets up a fashionable helmet handset brand targeting consumers in the new era.With high-quality communication products and innovative technologies, it brings a brand new cycling communication experience to young urban users who pursue free and fashionable lifestyles.

Freedconn, with the brand spirit of “born free” as a starting point, whose products must go through more than twenty rigorous testing procedures,is specialized in building the most cost-effective outdoor cycling communication devices for customers.During the healthy, happy, free and natural riding process,the tonality of riding, the harmony of the products and fashionable looks with reasonable prices are considered,seeking for “freedom without burdens.

FreedConn has become the synonym of “Cycling”, “Freedom” and “Fashion”, interpreting the brand concept of “Free Fashionable Cyclists”.

Company products:Bluetooth Helmet,Bluetooth WIFI Recorder,Helmet Bluetooth Headset,Helmet Wireless Headset,Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset,Helmet Bluetooth Group Intercom Headset.

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