Saigon Autotech & Accessories Exhibition 2014 to open

Come and go on a regular basis, the 10th international exhibition of cars, motorcycles, electric bicycles and support industry – SAIGON AUTOTECH & ACCESSORIES 2014 will be held by A Chau JSC (ATFA) and Chanchao International Co, Ltd from May 29th to June 1st, 2014 at Saigon SECC Expo Center, District 7, HCM city.

Saigon Autotech & Accessories 2014 is the 10th of the exhibition so far and it has become one successful event that continually develops and achieves solid results. Continue the success of previous exhibitions, the exhibition this year brings attractive spaces for businesses to display their products, find partners and business opportunities as well as impress visitors.

To commemorate this 10th exhibition, Saigon Autotech & Accessories promised to continue to innovate and expand as well as plan several supportive activities for businesses and visitors. The exhibition is expected to attract 100.000 visitors in its 4 days of exhibition, with nearly 500 booths displaying products.

This year’s exhibition has attracted over 120 domestic businesses and nearly 150 foreign ones to arrange booth(s). In fact, foreign businesses accounted for 40% of this year’s exhibition booths but in the end, 10% of businesses has cancelled their arrangement because of security issues these days, thus resulting in the numbers above.


In the exhibition, we can come across the booths of many brands in the field of automobile and motorcycle accessories, such as SAMCO, VEAM, SUBARU, VINAMOTOR, FAW Giai Phong, Casumina, Dali, TC Group, Pet Dau Nhon.. In addition to local brands, foreign brands from Malaysia, Thailand, the US, Japan, Taiwan, China, EU countries can also be found.

In particular, the Subaru Co, Ltd continues to accompany Saigon Autotech & Accessories 2014 and will bring outstanding products of SUBARU to customers with many exciting activities.

Visitors can witness the tension from the performance of Russ Swift – a British record holder. The X-car program this year will be held in another location in SECC’s area. With a larger space, Russ Swift is capable of bringing more interesting and exciting performance to visitors in addition to his old but gold tricks, such as reverse rotation, parking with handbrake, drifting, cars on two wheels and car rotating in doughnut shape..

Similar to every year, “Subaru Palm Challenge” is organized to find out the winner who is capable of putting his/her hand on the car for the longest while standing. These are the special colors that make the exhibition livelier and more interesting compared to others.

To commemorate the 10th exhibition, organizers have hosted a special program named “The lucky number 10”. According to information revealed so afr, the organizers as well as businesses will bring special deals and benefits to all visitors and buyers. Details of the program will be updated on the exhibition’s official website:

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