Oriental Commerce

We at, Oriental Commerce (OCC), have been growing as a leader in plastic film and adhesive tape
manufacturing with our professional man power and special technology in the ever fast-changing
domestic and world market.
We are always the pioneer manufacturer (OEM) of Automotive & Construction Paint Solution, Refinish,
Protection and DIY products such as:
– Plastic Masking Film (Overspray Sheeting)
– Pre-taped Masking Film (Plastic Paint Masker with Tapes)
– Plastic Car Seat/Floor Mat/Steering Wheel/ Tire Cover…
– Paint Mixing Cup, Spray Cup
– Drop Sheet, Dust Cover
– Cloth Tapes, Duct Tape…
With more 20 years' accumulated production experience, we are now running three factories. One is
located in Busan, Korea and the second is in Qingdao, China and the third is in Quang Nam, Vietnam.
Due to our continued passion and concentration, our management goal of product trust and customer
choice company is a success.
Oriental Commerce is developing with passion and exporting to over 200 customers in over 50 countries
such as USA, China, Japan, Asia and Europe.
We promise to supply a competitive product by our qualified and price-efficient goods.
Welcome to Oriental Commerce.

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