The purpose of establishing CTy MINAMOTO is to provide motorcycle parts and accessories that are not only high-class but also suitable for the needs of Vietnamese motorcycle owners. Specifically as follows, each car owner will have their own preferences from the external appearance of accessories to the internal structure, the actual situation is that it is not possible to find the desired accessories, branded products. NCY brand provided by MINAMOTO can satisfy the needs of each owner of the vehicle.

1- NCY brand

This brand belongs to Chian-Yie Industrial Co.,Ltd of Taiwan, has a history of more than 20 years since its establishment, the components and accessories produced are not only supplied to the Southeast Asian market. but also supply to neighboring markets such as Japan, USA, Europe.

2- Features of NCY brand products

All products are designed, manufactured and have their own characteristics.

3- MINAMOTO CTY why can trade NCY brand products?

MINAMOTO CTY CTY Chian-Yie Industrial Co.,Ltd established a subsidiary in Vietnam, all products are 100% genuine.

4- Why do business with CTY MINAMOTO

Get genuine NCY branded parts
We will manage the market price well to ensure the benefit of customers.
We work together to expand the market, creating mutual benefits for both sides.
5- Is it possible to mine products with different needs?

Parent company MINAMOTO has a professional team that can explore and manufacture new products according to different needs.

6- What do you need to do?

If you want to improve sales performance or want to add value to your company, please contact us immediately.

Contact Info:


Address: No. 612, National Highway 1A, Quarter 10, Tan Bien Ward, City. Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province

Phone: 02513880312

Line: 0367866261

Zalo: 0367866261

Website: www.ncy-motor.com.tw

Email: vnminamoto@gmail.com

7- Products strategically displayed at the Exhibition:

Brake System (Caliper & Disk), Transmission System (CVT)

8- The main message of the Company at the Exhibition:

You can buy NCY brand motorcycle parts which you want in Vietnam

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