Hoang Quan Company

Hoang Quan Company was originally founded by Taiwanese company Ding li Xing, established in 2007 . Hoang Quan Company specializes in manufacturing helmets, has 30 years of technical experience, and has a complete equipment line to produce helmets. Hoang Quan receives ISO 9001: 2015 certificate of quality management system.

Hoang Quan’s factory has complete equipment, such as conical mold, foam mold, printers. We also have a team who can carry out the whole progess of production.

The marketing team in the market, always updating new information and creating new models, such as exclusive, luxurious, safe, convenient and especially fashionable models. After years of hard research and development, Hoang Quan helmet brand has become a reliable choice for Vietnamese consumers.

Until now, our company is always developing to keep up with the new era. To affirm the prestige in Vietnamese market, we always attach serious importance to the quality, constantly developing new models.

Mentioning Hoang Quan helmet is mentioning GRS product. This is a helmet made from 100% ABS 10 AP plastic beads. Therefore, GRS helmet has high penetrating resistance and safety. Moreover, the thick foam, which fits tightly with the shell, completely eliminates the strong impulse from the outside, weight evenly dispersed, insulating mesh screen to allow air to cool off the top of the head, giving consumers a feeling of comfort when using. Also the GRS product has a windshield which has high UV protection rate, wide viewing angle and good capacity in protecting eye. The lock and straps are extremely strong, the length can be adjusted very flexibly to be suitable with each person’s head size. Bring the beautiful and safe product to customers is our goal.

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