Inspired by the French national flower – iris and born in France, ÉTONNER is innately noble, modern and elegant which is part of the French DNA.
In 2012, ÉTONNER launched its first classic fragrance Escape in Camargue by French designer Valerie Normain who designed the brand’s first-generation table car perfume and whose design featured on minimalism contours to reflect the spirituality and elegance of the product.
Made from EP Group’s premium fragrance essence from the capital of perfume – Grasse of France, each ÉTONNER product has its unique soul. A noble existence through and through, it excels in creating tailored scent for various customer groups.

Display product: Car Dashboard Perfume、Car Refill Perfume、Smart Car Cup Holder Aroma Diffuser、Smart Car Air Vent Aroma Diffuser、Ceramic Hanging Incense Ornament、Car rearview mirror hanging essential oil、Car air outlet solid aromatherapy

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