In the current era of market economy and transportation services, the core value of spare parts for motorcycles and automobiles is one of the outstanding items and is recognized by motorcyclists. , the association of speed enthusiasts cares and has the most choices. If you are looking for a company that cares about feeling, safety and what is best for customers, always want customers to have a great experience, then Daichi Vietnam Co., Ltd is the best choice. , the most optimal.

Daichi Vietnam Co., Ltd. started distributing in Vietnam market and exporting to a number of countries in Southeast Asia since 2009. The products have received the trust and cooperation of motorcycle assembly companies. , distributors and repairers nationwide .We with the spirit of market demand , prestige have affirmed the core value of product quality and strong brand value of Daichi Terasu until today. We always strive to constantly learn and improve product quality to understand customer needs to bring quality, efficiency and satisfaction to customers. Daichi Vietnam steadfastly aims to be the number 1 supplier of auto and motorcycle components in the Vietnamese market. “Good products will last forever”  – is always the guideline for all goals of Daichi Vietnam

– Mission:

Daichi Vietnam always takes customer satisfaction as the driving force for the business.

With the mission of “Bringing the best products to customers and optimal technical efficiency in addition to the most competitive prices”, the company’s employees are constantly trying, the company’s leaders are constantly learning the market. schools every day to be able to meet the needs of customers, providing customers with the best quality products and services.

Before being delivered to customers, each Terasu branded product must go through a production process with modern technology, under strict control by leading experts, according to strict Japanese standards, Thailand.

– Core values:

Customer is central.

Everything that Terasu Dachi has done, is doing and will do is because of the desire to bring customers the best benefits. Trust – is inviolable, is what Terasu Daichi has built up to now with the company’s agents and customers. Success – we want to be with you on that path.

Trust: Honesty with customers, with employees, with partners

Respect: Respect customers, respect employees, respect the law

– Products on strategic display at the Exhibition:

Motobike accessories

– The main message of the Company at the Exhibition:

Supplying quality products and Japanese technology

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