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    [Hanoi, August 17, 2022] – The Organizing Committee of the 18th International Exhibition on the automobile, motorcycle, electric vehicle and supporting industries – Autotech & Accessories 2022 officially announced: Autotech & Accessories special edition 2022 will take place this October in Ho Chi Minh City. After 02 years of not being able to take place […]

  • Autotech 2021 – 1st Media Clipping

    Autotech 2021 – 1st Media Clipping MEDIA CLIPPING No Media Agency Link Title 1 Vietnam Economic News https://congthuong.vn/trien-lam-autotech-accessories-2021-ket-hop-truc-tuyen-voi-truyen-thong-153780.html Autotech & Accessories 2021: Integrate online exhibition with offline exhibition 2 Vietnam Investment News https://baodautu.vn/autotech–accessories-2021-trien-lam-lai-ap-dung-hai-nen-tang-online-va-offline-d139545.html Autotech & Accessories 2021: “Hybrid exhibition” applies two platforms online and offline 3 Hanoi News http://www.hanoimoi.com.vn/tin-tuc/Oto-xemay/993786/trien-lam-autotech–accessories-2021-khai-mac-vao-ngay-20-5-tai-thanh-pho-ho-chi-minh Autotech & Accessories 2021 will open […]

  • Saigon Autotech 2020 – Media Clipping of Press Release No. 1

    Media Clipping of Press Release No.1 – Saigon Autotech & Accessories 2020 Time release: 4th December, 2019 Number of Article: 25 articles No Press Agency Link of the article Title 1 Laodong.vn https://laodong.vn/kinh-te/sap-co-trien-lam-quoc-te-ve-cong-nghiep-oto-xe-may-va-xe-dien-771006.ldo International Exhibition on Automobile and Supporting Industry to take place 2 Vietnamnet.vn https://vietnamnet.vn/vn/hop-tac/cong-nghiep-ho-tro/chinh-sach-va-thi-truong/saigon-autotech-accessories-2020-se-tap-trung-vao-cong-nghe-598871.html Saigon Autotech & Accessories 2020 focuses on Technology 3 […]

  • Saigon Autotech 2019 – Media Clipping of Press Release no. 3

    No. Press Agency Link of article 1 Vietnam Investment Review https://baodautu.vn/nhung-con-so-an-tuong-cua-saigon-autotech–accessories-2019-d101460.html 2 Autodaily https://autodaily.vn/2019/06/saigon-autotech-accessories-2019-nhung-con-so-an-tuong 3 Autoexpress https://autoexpress.vn/nhung-con-so-an-tuong-tai-trien-lam-saigon-autotech–accessories-2019-6166.htm 4 Vietnam News Agency https://bnews.vn/co-136-bien-ban-ghi-nho-duoc-ky-tai-saigon-autotech-accessories-2019-/124331.html

  • Saigon Autotech 2019 – Media Clipping of Press Release No.2

    TELEVISION No.  Press Agency Link of reportage 1 HTV7 – “In the World of Car” program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_u26i4lT7e8 2 InfoTV https://youtu.be/FFeSTnOpUxs  https://youtu.be/cSRfmoDmoRk 3 VITV https://vitv.vn/tin-video/23-05-2019/ban-tin-hop-tin-viet-nam-18h-phat-song-1800-23-05-2019/217005?t=987   ONLINE NEWSPAPER No.  Press Agency Link of article 1 Xe-vietnam.com “Xe và Xu huong” (Car & Trend) Program  https://xe-vietnam.com/2019/05/23/trien-lam-saigon-autotech-lan-thu-15-chinh-thuc-khai-mac/  2 Vietnam Investment Review https://baodautu.vn/saigon-autotech–accessories-2019-ky-vong-cac-doanh-nghiep-ky-ket-200-bien-ban-hop-tac-d100788.html 3  https://www.vir.com.vn/saigon-autotech-accessories-paves-foreign-suppliers-way-to-vietnam-67971.html  4 Otoxemay.vn  https://otoxemay.vn/tin-moi/trien-lam-saigon-autotech-lan-thu-15-soi-dong-ngay-khai-mac  5 Autovina.vn […]

  • Saigon Autotech 2019 – Media Clipping of Press Release no.1

    No. Press Agencies Link of the articlces 1 Vietnam Investment Review https://baodautu.vn/7-phien-giao-thuong-voi-150-doanh-nghiep-ngoai-tim-co-hoi-trong-nganh-cong-nghiep-ho-tro-viet-nam-d100340.html 2 Xe-vietnam.com https://xe-vietnam.com/2019/05/15/saigon-autotech-2019-nhung-su-kien-dang-chu-y-sap-dien-ra/   3 Autodaily https://autodaily.vn/2019/05/giai-dau-am-thanh-xe-hoi-emma-viet-nam-2019-sap-dien-ra 4 Cafe auto https://cafeauto.vn/thi-truong/saigon-autotech-2019-7-phien-giao-thuong-se-la-diem-nhan-moi-me-20906.html 6 “Nghe Nhin” Magazine https://nghenhinvietnam.vn/tin-tuc/saigon-autotech-lan-thu-15-dien-ra-tu-23265-300-gian-hang-ket-noi-giao-thuong-50966.html 7 Autopress https://autopress.vn/300-gian-hang-chuan-bi-khai-man-trien-lam-saigon-autotech-2019.html 8 Xecongnghe.vn https://xecongnghe.vn/Trien-lam-Saigon-Autotech-2019-sap-dien-ra,-quy-tu-300-gian-hang-6710.html 9 Enternews https://enternews.vn/23-26-05-trien-lam-quoc-te-lan-thu-15-ve-o-to-xe-may-xe-dien-va-cong-nghiep-ho-tro-150291.html   10 Industry and Trade newspaper https://congthuong.vn/trien-lam-saigon-autotech-2019-co-hoi-ket-noi-giao-thuong-119655.html 11 Otosaigon https://www.otosaigon.com/threads/trien-lam-saigon-autotech-2019-sap-dien-ra-chao-don-7-phien-giao-thuong-va-300-gian-hang-tham-du.8924158/#post-16723997 12 Danhgiaxe https://www.danhgiaxe.com/trien-lam-saigon-autotech-accessories-2019-se-dien-ra-tu-23-265-28075 14 Xevathethao https://xevathethao.vn/xe-doi-song/chao-don-7-phien-giao-thuong-cung-300-gian-hang-gop-mat-tai-trien-lam-saigon-autotech-2019.html 15 OtoS https://news.otos.vn/saigon-autotech-2019-noi-bat-voi-7-phien-giao-thuong-va-300-doanh-nghiep-9482 16 […]

  • Over 300 firms to attend Saigon Autotech & Accessories 2019

    According to Vietnam Plus https://en.vietnamplus.vn/over-300-firms-to-attend-saigon-autotech-accessories-2019/143460.vnp Hanoi (VNA) – The Saigon Autotech & Accessories 2019 expo is set to take place during May 23-26, 2019 at Ho Chi Minh City’s Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre. The event will be held by Asia Trade Fair and Business Promotion (ATFA), in collaboration with the industry agency under the Ministry […]

  • Over 300 firms to attend Saigon Autotech & Accessories 2019

    Theo VOV.vn https://english.vov.vn/economy/over-300-firms-to-attend-saigon-autotech-accessories-2019-388880.vov The Saigon Autotech & Accessories 2019 expo is set to take place during May 23-26, 2019 at Ho Chi Minh City’s Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre. The event will be held by Asia Trade Fair and Business Promotion (ATFA), in collaboration with the industry agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, […]

  • Over 300 exhibitors to join auto fair in HCM City

    Hanoi (VNA) – More than 300 domestic and foreign businesses willtake part in the 14th Saigon Autotech & AccessoriesInternational Exhibition scheduled in Ho Chi Minh City on May 24-27 next year. On display at 500 booths will be alternative drive units, charging accessories,automobiles, motorcycles, electric and sport bikes, accessories and spareparts, and smart parking solutions, among others. https://beta.talkvietnam.com/2017/12/over-300-exhibitors-to-join-auto-fair-in-hcm-city/ The event is […]

  • Efectuarán en Ciudad Ho Chi Minh exhibición de vehículos de transporte

    Ciudad Ho Chi Minh, 19 dic (VNA)- Una exhibición internacional de coches, motores, bicicletas eléctricas e industria auxiliar se efectuará en Ciudad Ho Chi Minh del 24 al 27 de mayo del año próximo con la participación de más de 300 empresas. https://es.vietnamplus.vn/efectuaran-en-ciudad-ho-chi-minh-exhibicion-de-vehiculos-de-transporte/81974.vnp El muestrario Saigon Autotech & Accessories 2018 busca fomentar el intercambio de […]