Baset Enterprise Co., Ltd

Baset Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in 2003. Upholding its pride as a Taiwanese brand, Baset develop different four-stroke engine lubricants through extensive research and development process, and its products are tested and produced internally and independently.

The product inspection, automated-filling process, and onboard test conducted on each bottle of Baset Engine Oil are guarded with our most stringent standards. Baset Engine Oil has obtained the American Petroleum Institute (API) Engine Oil License No.3168 and numerous other certifications such as SJ, SL, SN, and etc.

In Taiwan, Baset Engine Oil has dispelled the myths about imported engine oil. It is widely trusted by the domestic vehicle maintenance service providers, and it is the favourite brand to be used in every motorcycle race.

Expanding its horizons globally while being deeply-rooted in Taiwan; the ultimate vision of Baset Enterprise is to help an MIT brand to achieve global recognition.


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