AP Solutions Co., LTD.

AP Solutions is an IT convergence engineering total solutions company.

We are the sole engineering service provider, capable of providing customized service in the form of a one-stop total solution.

Our R&D Division supports our customers in the automotive and aerospace industries and helps AP Solutions to grow alongside them. 250 design engineers in our R&D Division meet our customer needs and offer superb outcomes through close collaborative relationships with the customers’ research centres.

We at AP Solutions strive to meet a variety of customer needs and put customer’s dreams/desires/requirements/requests into practice with high quality and unique services through VR (virtual reality) technology, as well as creative automotive design and CAS and CMF services.

Our Automotive Design Engineering Group provides total solutions ranging from package study to CAE verification and builds a reliable and specialized process through overall vehicle development projects.

Our Engineering Convergence IT Business area Division builds PDM and realizes all sustainable service activities of R&D as a key and capable partner of Dassault Systemes, and provides software and hardware via PLM solutions.

AP Solutions is a state-designated company with a government contract for a smart factory support project, which is one of the core projects for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we have Korea’s leading IT technologies for PLM, WMS, and MES.  I’m not sure what this means

AP Solutions firmly believes in positive thinking, force of will, and creative talents which are the key to our competitiveness. We will reward all our customers for their support with competitive prices and high-class values so they do not regret selecting our services and products.

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