Super Battery Co., Ltd.

Brand New Battery, Brand New Start

Main products: Start-up lithium battery for scooters, motorcycles and Tuk Tuk cars,

lithium storage battery, smart lithium battery and battery monitoring system integration

Super Battery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the development of battery technology, focusing on providing innovative application. We wish to break every boundary in order to bring to the world a better, smarter, more convenient and affordable products. Our new battery has overcome the disadvantages of the traditional Lead-Acid battery. After countless years of study, our team finally gave birth to a brand-new battery series, giving new life to the market. The new batteries excel their opponents at all levels including stability, power and lifespan, yet they challenge the price of lead-acid batteries.

We also care about environmental protection and we make sure that every battery can be recycled to achieve the corporate social responsibility for sustainable development. The SB batteries are the reflection of the world progress.

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