CHENG FENG is able to supply customers the turnkey planning of 3D decoration, related equipment,
materials (film and activator) and troubleshooting in process. We hold regular training courses to ensure
every engineer can get the latest professional technology. Experienced engineers are the backbone of our company that trains our customers the technology transfer and deals with the technical issues. Currently, there are over 3,000 patterns, including the wooden, marble, carbon fiber, leather, geometry, camouflage pattern in the hurting market and other designs. We keep developing new designs and release them on our website to lead the trend.

Latest products/ highlight products displayed at Show: Water transfer printing film, activator, water transfer printing machine

Highlighted technology displayed at Autotech & Accessories 2022:

3D decoration technology is commonly used in 3C products, household products, camping
supplies, hunting markets, cabin interiors, automobile industry, motorcycle industry, and etc.
The scope of application is quite wide, can apply to the material of hardware, plastic, stone,
ceramic and etc. Based on the economic growth in recent years, the requirements for
aesthetics, quality, and texture have increased. In order to keep pace with the trend, we are
constantly committed to research and development of new products, while closely watching the
evolution of related industries, providing customers with the latest information.

Slogan / key message at Show: Quality first, Service priority, Sustainable development

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