Bueno Group is long-established, yet we stay vigorous through our strong drive
for pushing the envelope. Many business partners have discovered a major perk of
working with Bueno – having access to our innovative power. Capable of creating
fully original products, we provide tailor-made solutions for your space and
needs. We have access to top manufacturers of each link, and are the co-founder
of a publicly-traded LED chip company in Taiwan. This allows us to produce
superior quality products without incurring substantial costs.

Car Cabin Air Purification Device

UVC instant 2-second bacteria and virus inactivation.

Cold plasma removes odors, VOCs, fine particulate matter, and neutralizes airborne pathogens.

Fully prevents further replication of bacteria and viruses.

Extremely safe, presents no health risks or unpleasant odors.

Long useful life, minimal current requirements.

Wide Angle LED Warning Light

A patent pending LED light with strobe function for police, emergency, or utility vehicle. 

Perfectly complements existing off-road lights, illuminating the ground and surroundings that can’t be reached by light bars.

Capable of 29-69 strobe or flash patterns and TBT (Turn/Brake/Tail) light functions with a memory recall setting.

Consists of up to 16 high power LED’s in single, dual or triple color configurations available in red, white, blue, amber or green.

SAE J595/J845 compliant, ECE compliant

Mobile Hybrid Air Purifier

Magnetic and adhesive mounts allows the purifier to be placed virtually anywhere, and even doubles as a wearable device.

Works best when placed near car air vents, electric fans, air conditioners, or any device with good airflow.

Can be used plugged in or run on built-in batteries. Up to 24 hours continuous use per charge.

UVC instant 2-second bacteria and virus inactivation.

Cold plasma removes odors, VOCs, fine particulate matter, and neutralizes airborne pathogens. 

UVC Surface Disinfection Wand

Six high-power, high efficiency UVC LEDs for wide coverage and rapid sterilization .

High energy intensity allows for surface disinfection within seconds.

Lightweight yet powerful enough to inactivate all known pathogens.

Up to 30 minutes continuous use, or 120 full cycles per charge.

HUD (Heads-up display) was originally developed to allow fighter jet pilots access to all critical information without having to glance at the dashboard. It wasn’t until 1988 that General Motors introduced the technology to the automotive industry. The AR HUD is a significant step up from conventional types HUDs in terms of safety. All information is projected onto the windshield in the form of a floating virtual image on the road, thereby minimising distraction and reaction time. 

Thanks to Opticser’s patented optical path design, the Dartrays HUD gets the best of both worlds. It boasts the 2.25m projected image distance akin to OEM HUDs, yet compact enough to be installed as an aftermarket device.

Cleaner and Safer Transportation through Bueno Optics

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